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Do I need to set up Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) if I already have TAP set up for one of your other programs?

Payment setup for all programs is separate. You will need to set up TAP for your account.


Do I need to enter Family and Child Info if I’ve already completed it for one of your other programs?

Child and Family Info for all programs are separate. You will need to complete all Child and Family Info into your Parent Portal Account.


How do I withdraw my child from Happy Hall ?

A Withdrawal Form must be submitted. You will be charged your current tuition for 30 days from the date we receive a completed Withdrawal Form, even if your child does not attend.


What if the program does not have available space currently?

Email or call the Admin Office at 650.583.7370.


Whom do I contact with billing questions?

Please contact our Accounting Director, Anne Baronia at or call the Admin Office at 650.583.7370.


What is your Tax Identification Number?

Our Provider Tax ID: 94-1552733

You can access Account Statements and Year-End Tax Statements in the Parent Portal.



What if my child is going to be absent?

Please notify you child's class via class email, via our 1Core Family app message or notifying administration by emailing:


What if I’m going to be late picking up my child?

If you are going to be late picking up your child, please notify your child's class via email or 1Core Family app message. You may also call the admin office: 650-583-7370 or email


There is a five-minute grace period. After that, there is the a $5 per minute late-fee after 5:35 PM.



Can I drop my child off outside?

No, you must sign your child in and out by scanning the QR code posted throughout the school.


Why do I have a different code than the other authorized pick-up persons?

Licensing requires a unique ID code for every authorized person picking up a child. Please do not give your pin number for someone else to use. We require that you enter all authorized pick-up persons into your Parent Portal. We will assign them a unique ID code.


How does program ensure a secure campus?

Happy Hall provides its own security keypad system and secured access at most centers; this system ensures that access to the center is available only to parents/guardians and authorized personnel. To make certain that the center is kept as secure as possible, we ask parents/guardians not to allow others to “piggyback” on entrance or departure from the center. Center management will review your center’s security program with you upon enrollment.


Please close all entry and exit doors as you enter and leave the campus.


Are you a peanut free environment?

Yes, our program serves peanut free, nut free snacks and lunch.

Do I need to pack a snack or lunch for my child?

Morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided for all children present.

What if my child has a preferred type of food?

As part of our programs, Happy Hall strives to provide healthy food offerings that meet or exceed state licensing requirements. Lunch and snack menus are posted, as required by licensing. Although alternative food may be available to address food allergies, Happy Hall cannot provide or manage other food substitutions for religious or cultural requirements, food intolerances, or a child’s preference. Families are welcome to bring nut-safe food from home (we are unable to accommodate food storage, heat-ups or refrigeration).

What if my child has food allergies?

Families are expected to notify the center regarding children’s food or environmental allergies. If your child has an individualized health care plan, detailing the child’s symptoms, reactions, treatments, care, and all necessary medications, please submit a copy. A list of children’s allergies with photos is posted in all the classrooms throughout the center, including the kitchen. Staff members are trained on how to consult and use the list.


Contact with nuts, including peanuts or products containing traces of nuts or oil, can be critical or even fatal to a child with a severe nut allergy. All Happy Hall centers are nut-safe. This means we do our best to keep nut products out of the centers. All families and staff are asked to carefully monitor all product ingredients to avoid nut-containing products (including almond milk and products containing nuts in any form, such as lotions). 


Despite our diligent efforts, it is impossible to eliminate all risks for children with food allergies. Ultimately, in light of the risks that cannot be eliminated, parents/guardians will need to decide whether group care is appropriate for their child with allergies.


What is your general illness policy?

The goal of the illness policy is to prevent the spread of communicable illness at the Happy Hall Schools. It is important to reduce the incidence and severity of sickness. Under the State Department of Social Services Title 22 Regulations, children must be kept home if they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Fever - any temperature above 100 degrees (taken in any manner).

  • Respiratory Illness - any runny nose accompanied by fever, sore throat, colored discharge, congestion, cough, or abnormal loss of energy and or irritability.

  • Rash or skin infection - impetigo, exposed yeast infection, ringworm, head lice, measles, chickenpox, etc.

  • 2 instances of vomiting and/or diarrhea within 24 hours.

  • "Pink Eye" AKA Conjunctivitis


It’s your duty to assess your child's health each morning. If any of the above symptoms are present you must:

  • Keep your child home until he/she has been symptom-free for at least 48-hours without the use of a fever reducer such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) or an antacid (Pepto Bismol).

  • Notify the center that your child is ill and will not be attending.

  • If your child's illness requires a visit to the doctor, the center will need a note from the doctor stating your child's illness and when the child may return to the center.


If your child becomes ill at the center, you will be contacted to pick up your child within one hour. Happy Hall understands that it is difficult for a parent/guardian to leave or miss work; therefore, it is suggested that alternative arrangements be made for occasions when children must remain at home or be picked up due to illness. The final decision on whether to exclude a child from the program due to illness will be made by the childcare center.


How does your program handle exposures?

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