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Happy Hall School offers programs that meet the individual, social, emotional, physical, and educational needs of children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Our curriculum focuses on language development, gross and fine motor skills, creative arts, and science.​

At 3 to 4 years old children are gaining Independence, showing initiative and persistence, and using complex movement skills in active play. At 4 to 5 years old children are mastering reading readiness, sorting and classifying, estimation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, and more.


Learning centers are the heartbeat of the classroom. The centers themselves are learning tools and the focus of the children’s learning experiences. Listed below are the areas in each classroom which foster Social and Physical development, and give the children their foundation for learning.


Each day follows a sequence of activities. Consistency and structure is important to promote a sense of security. Daily activities provide a balance between stimulation and relaxation, individual, and small and large group activities. We create the perfect balance between fun, exercise, learning, resting and eating well. Children build confidence and make friends.

 8:30 AM  Indoor Exploration
Meet with friends before class.
9:00 AM  Circle Time
Reinforce math, phonics, & character development.
9:30 AM  Morning Snack
Time to nourish children’s active bodies with a healthy snack.
10:00 AM  Discovery Centers
Experience activities that focus on fun learning concepts.
11:00 AM  Play & Stretch Outside
Use valuable life skills while engaging in cooperative play.
12:00 PM  Lunch Time
Use good manners and hygiene during meal time.
12:30 PM  Close of the Day
Share experiences and activities with family.



Happy Hall is led by experienced teachers who maintain a safe and creative environment where children develop new skills and positive attitudes towards learning. In additional to being qualified, capable and experienced, our staff is spirited, fun loving and always supportive of parents. Our teachers have been educated in Early Childhood Development, trained in CPR and First Aid, and receive continuous year-round training.


Lifeskills are fundamental, pragmatic social skills that create an environment of accountability, empowerment, empathy and safety by the use of the language that is frequently used and modeled in the classroom. They assist the children in understanding that conflicts can be resolved through problem solving rather than hitting, name calling, becoming frustrated and discouraged.


Young children are active and expend many calories learning and playing during school. Each day, your child will enjoy a nutritious morning snack served family-style.​
Parents are required to pack their child’s lunches. Mealtimes are an opportunity for your child to try new foods and enhance table and social manners.


Happy Hall is located in a quiet residential area on the Spring Valley  Elementary School Campus.

Our play-based curriculum is brought to life in an outdoor setting that is designed to foster independence and creativity in young children. Children will learn to appreciate nature and develop a sense of wonder through gardening, exploring our field, creating art projects from natural materials collected from our environment.

Our teachers use an integrated approach to teaching through play and exploration.

2023 -2024 RATES

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

5 DAYS (M-F) | 

3 DAYS (M, W, F)| $705
2 DAYS (T, Th)| $570

There is an annual non-refundable Registration & Equipment Fee of $125 and an annual non-refundable Personal Materials Fee of $25.

Rates and schedules are subject to change.


We invite you and your child for a school visit led by myself or our Director. This will allow you and your family to observe the program and your child in our environment.
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