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Can You Follow the Rhythm?

Rhythm Sticks are a fun way to add music to your day/classroom.

They are easy to hold and simple to use.

While using rhythm sticks children are hard at work listening to the beat and/or words and following the teachers lead. Children are engaged in changing tempo and direction. Rhythm sticks are also a great way to help children slow down and focus. Rhythm sticks are a great instrument to start with because they are so versatile.


  • Rhythm Sticks

Rhythm stick songs:

  • Tapping on my Sticks - Kathy Reid-Naiman

  • Rhythm Sticks Rock - Michael Plunkett

  • Tap Your Sticks - Hap Palmer

  • 1-2-3, Tap With Me - Rachel Rambach

Learning outcomes:

  • Helps develop fine motor development and hand-eye coordination

  • Language development and listening skills

  • Helps develop rhythm, beat and tempo

  • Helps develop creative thinking and problem skills

  • Early brain development

  • Directionality (up, down, side to side, forward, backward, etc.) Music in video belongs to:

Artist: Kathy Reid-Naiman

Album: I Love to Hear the Sounds

Released :2010

Other ways to use rhythm sticks:

  • Learn the alphabet with rhythm sticks: Say the alphabet together as you tap out the beat. To extend the activity, pause at different letters and point to the child so they can say the next letter.

  • Counting with rhythm sticks: Count to 10 or 20 while tapping out a rhythm on the floor. To extend this activity, try counting by odd/even numbers. You can alternate numbers between children.

Music in video belongs to:

Artist: Hap Palmer

Album: Rhythms on Parade

Released: 1995


Kathy A.|Teacher

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