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Catching Zzzz’s

Everyone loves a nice comfy nap to help them get through the day. Our children have become accustomed to the routine we have at school which is lunch around 11:30, start to lay down for nap at around 12:30, and wake up by 3:00. Keeping a routine similar will help adjust your child to distant learning but also help to readjust when they come back to school. I asked some of the students here what their favorite thing about nap is. One student said, “mommy and daddy” and the other student said “snuggles.” Both answers show the importance of being involved in your child’s nap time routine. This can be a bonding time for you both but can also be a time for you, as parents or caregivers, to take a much needed break and relax yourself! 

Make it a routine 

  • Having a schedule or routine will help them adjust to any situation they are in

  • This will help when they return back to school 

  • They know the expectations around nap time

  • Have lunch before and bring the energy level in the house down 

  • Snack after they wake up to get them energized and ready for more activities

  • Keep special stuffed animals and books to only be used during nap time 

  • Show them nothing else is going on

  • Try to bore them so that they will want to sleep 

Lots of Activities and Exercise

  • To help fall asleep, energy needs to be burned off

  • Outside time and time in the sun can tire out your kids


  • Making the rooms and house ready for nap will help your child start to relax

  • Comfortable clothes with breathable materials

  • Keeping the room cool and dark

  • Relaxing music or sound machine 

  • Sing songs to help soothe your child 

Replace the word “nap” 

  • Use the word “rest” or “quiet time” 

  • Using alternative words can take some of the pressure off of the child 

  • Allows them to rest and relax rather than sleep if they want

This time is a great opportunity to bond with your child. You can become closer to your child while they get some sleep and you can relax and keep your day on track, too! Nighty night, my friends! 

Here are the links for nap music used in the classes at Happy Hall! 

Red and Yellow Class

Orange Class

Green Class

Blue Class

Purple Class


Amanda M.| Teacher

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