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Dyed Flower Science Experiment!

Spring has arrived and its time to do all the flower projects we love. Science is a great way for kids to learn through experience. Here is a fun science experiment to do at home with the kids.

I am attaching a documentation sheet that you can use with this experiment. Science is a great way for kids to practice predicting what will happen, so make sure you ask your child what they think will happen before the experiment so they can work on making those predictions.

This activity can be adapted for children of any age


  • Jar or cup

  • Food coloring

  • Scissors

  • White flowers

  • Water


  1. Fill each cup with water half way.

  2. Add 6-8 drops of food coloring into each of the cups.

  3. Next, you will cut off the end of each flower stem.

  4. Then, place each stem in each of the water cups.

  5. . Observe flower change

Learning outcomes

  • Predicting skills

  • Encourages curiosity

  • Increases problem solving skills

  • Descriptive language development

Questions to ask

  • What does it mean to observe?

  • Why did the flower change color?

  • Experiment with more or less water, shorter or longer stems, what do you notice ?

Allow your child to draw or write their observations. After talking about their observations, encourage your child to draw or write about what they see, encourage them to use “real life” colors.


Anne Q.| Master Teacher

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