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Earth Day Bingo!

Happy Earth Day! Bingo is a great way to learn new vocabulary, practice counting ,develop cognitive abilities and increase memory development! I hope you have fun and learn more about all the wonderful things on our earth.


  • Scissors

  • Print out all the attachments down below.

  • Cup

How to play

  1. Print out the game boards.

  2. Cut out cards as instructed down below.

  3. Cut out the circles to use as game pieces to mark when you find the matching picture.

  4. Put the pictures that you cut in a cup and mix them up.

  5. Pick out one picture at a time.

  6. Put a game piece on your board if your picture matches.

  7. Lastly, once you get three in a straight line, you can say bingo and you win.

Learning Outcomes

  • Fine motor skill development

  • Cognitive development

  • Counting

  • Vocabulary building

  • Memory Skills


Christine S. | Lead Teacher

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