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Germ Science Experiment

This activity can be used for children of any age. Here is an easy and fun way to teach kids about germs. This fun science experience will help reinforce the importance of washing your hands.


  • Soap

  • Black Pepper

  • water

  • 1 bowl

  • 1 small cup


  1. Sprinkle pepper into a bowl with water.

  2. Have child stick finger inside the bowl. Look at finger to see what happens.

  3. Next, take a small cup and fill it with soap and water.

  4. Now, have the child dip a different finger into the cup with soap and water.

  5. Then, have them dip the finger with soap and water into the pepper bowl to see what happens.

Youtube Link for this experiment:

Questions to ask:

  • What happened when you put your finger inside the pepper?

  • What happened when you put your finger in the soap than the pepper?

  • How does this relate to germs?

  • If we do not wash our hands where could we spread the germs?

Learning Outcomes :

  • Importance of washing hands

  • How Germs Spread


Yin A.| Lead Teacher

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