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Life Skills!

Every class at Happy Hall teaches about life skills. The life skills that we teach about are responsibility, caring, cooperation, flexibility, patience and effort. The children use these skills in order to help resolve conflict, be responsible for ones self, and to be caring. At school, we have different reward systems to encourage the children to use their life skills. For example, Green class uses buckets with different life skills and they get a sticker in their bucket when they use their life skills.

It is important that the children still practice these life skills at home as well. Some ways to include this vocabulary at home is when your child helps to clean up, you can say thank you for being responsible. If your child waited their turn to talk at the dinner table, you could say thank you for being so patient and waiting. If your child shared a toy that they wanted to play with, you could say thank you for being flexible and caring! It is super important to repeat what the child did well and how they used their life skills, so that it reinforces that positive behavior.

Ms. Amanda a teacher from Red Class made a video to remind the children how they can remember to use their life skills at home.


Amanda M.| Teacher

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