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Potty Training

One of the biggest developmental steps a toddler takes and one parents are particularly excited about is potty training! At school, our students are able to go through the process with their friends and teachers' support. The biggest factor to successfully potty train your child is consistency. Know the signs and make sure to follow through once you recognize them.

Staying Dry

  • They become aware of the feeling of being wet and do not like the feeling

  • They are staying dry for long periods of time

  • This includes being dry after waking up

  • Once they are staying dry for long periods of the day, switching to underwear can help start the potty training process

Potty Routines

  • Make a routine so your child knows what to expect

  • Potty Chart with stickers (example attached below)

  • Potty schedule~ before and after nap, before and after meals

  • Frequent reminders~ they should try every 30-45 minutes

  • Rewards~ stickers, candies, choosing a book for bedtime, choosing PJ’s, verbal cheering and acknowledgment

  • Let the child flush the toilet, it encourages independence

  • Since your child is use to being cleaned with baby wipes, using them can help transition from wipes to toilet paper

Make it fun!

  • Let them choose big kid underwear

  • Make the child feel relaxed~ For examples read books and singing songs

  • Get a stuffed animal or doll and reenact going potty to show comfort and support

  • Using music as a timer~ 2 songs limit

  • Potty training basket next to the toilet

  • Bubbles, books, toy animal, toy cars, special toys just for potty time

  • Potty party~ Celebrate their accomplishment!

  • 2 weeks accident free

  • Let them decorate a crown to wear during the party

  • A special treat, their favorite foods and desserts

Be Flexible

  • Expect accidents and keep a positive attitude

  • Be encouraging after an accident, they need support and will make mistakes

  • It takes about 3 days-4 days to fully potty train

  • Regression can happen, but if you are consistent it shouldn’t be a big problem to fix


  • Easy access clothes, sweatpants, dresses, athletic wear

  • For boys, sweatpants and for girls dresses or leggings

  • They can choose their own clothes which helps them be independent

  • Be ready to do lots of laundry~ accidents will happen, it is what it is.

This is a process that everyone can get through! Do what works best for you and your child. Be patient and consistent! It takes some time and vigilance but you all got this!


Monica B.| Lead Teacher

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