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Preschool Dino Math

Hello my name is Christine Smerdel and I am the lead teacher of Green Class. I created these two worksheets as a fun way to practice the concept of more and less. Comparing groups is super important for children learning the relationships between numbers.

Attached are two worksheets that focus on the concept of more and less. A good way to utilize these worksheets would be to count each group with the child and ask them which one has more and which one has less.Once the child answers which group is correct, have them circle the group. This activity helps engage their fine motor skills when you have them circle the correct group. These two activities help children practice comparing groups, practicing counting and also helps them learn the relationship between numbers.

This activity can be adapted to any age group


  • Pencil, crayons or markers

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comparing groups of more and less

  • Learning about the relationships between numbers

  • Counting skills

  • One to one correspondence

  • Fine motor skills

Extension questions:

How many more does that group have?

How many less does that group have compared to the other group?

Christine S.|Lead Teacher

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