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Using Our Lifeskills in Our Daily Life!

Lifeskill Definitions & Common Phrases

Caring: (Red)

  • Caring is showing kindness.

  • When we think about other people's feelings.

  • Being gentle with our friends' bodies.

  • Treating books and toys with respect.

  • We want all of our friends to feel happy and included in the class.

  • Caring is sharing.

  • Use kind/helpful words.

  • Words are not for hurting.

  • If you see someone hurt, ask them in they are okay, need help

  • What can you do to help them feel better.

Responsibility: (Orange)

  • We all are responsible for taking care of the school, toys, books and working areas.

  • Taking care of your stuff and your body is being responsible.

  • When your work is done, clean up, be responsible by putting your work away and then make a new plan to move onto.

  • When we are responsible, everything is in its right spot and will be ready for the next time we play.

  • If it was your work, then, it's your responsibility to put the work away.

Flexible: (Yellow)

  • Being able to change plans.

  • When something changes in our day (maybe we skip discovery time), we need to be flexible and just go with it.

  • When you really want something and you don't get it, it's a chance to practice being flexible.

Patience: (Green)

  • Patience is when we wait quietly

  • When we wait to take turns with toys.

  • We practice patience when we stand in line to wash our hands,

  • use the bathroom and to talk to a teacher.

  • Sometimes, our friends need more time to work with a toy. As you wait for your turn, you're practicing patience.

  • What else can you work with while you wait?

  • If you practice patience, waiting will become easier.

Effort: (Blue)

  • Trying your hardest.

  • Doing your best.

  • Not giving up.

  • Even if you don't know how to do it, you can try and use your effort to learn how to do it. Try, try and try again.

  • Asking for help after you've tried to help yourself.

Cooperation: (Purple)

  • Listening to your friends' words and using your words is apart of working together and making plans.

  • Using teamwork, working together, sharing plans and doing a job with helping hands is all cooperation. Cooperation means everyone playing gets to make a part of the whole plan.

  • When you use good listening ears with the teacher, you are cooperating with the teacher.

  • Doing your job and following the rules is cooperation.

Each class at Happy Hall has a life skill board where they get a sticker or a dot every time they use their lifeskills. Once the board is a full they get to have a party or reward. Here are some templates for you to make your own lifeskill board at home!

With this template you can make a balloon lifeskill board. Each time your child uses their lifeskill they will get a sticker to put inside the balloons. 

For this next template use a dot marker or stickers to fill in the popcorn spaces every time the kids show they are using their lifeskill. 

With this next template you can make a fruit lifeskill board. Filling in the fruit each time they use their lifeskill. 

This last template is a gumball lifeskill board. Fill in the gumball machine with a dot marker each time they use their lifeskill. 

Have Fun Learning!


Monica B. | Lead Teacher

Amanda M.| Teacher

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