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Lead Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Ana Lucia has been in the early childhood field for over 10 years. She studied at City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. She found passion in this field after volunteering at a preschool her senior year of high school. After high school she took jobs as a babysitter and Spanish tutor for young children. She is family oriented and believes it is important to build a strong emotional bond with children. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and Latin dancing.

Lead Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Angelica has been working with Preschool age children for 7 years.  She has been an art teacher at Genentech 2nd Generation Bright Horizons and at Stratford Elementary.  One of her most fulfilling experiences was an internship at Pixar. In her free time she is a singer, song writer who likes to sing R&B and Pop music.  Angelica also writes and illustrates children’s books.  She is excited to be publishing her first book in late December 2021. 

Director, Happy Hall at Spring Valley

Anne has worked at Happy Hall for 14 years. Before Happy Hall, she worked in afterschool programs before realizing she liked working with younger children best. At Happy Hall, she started in Orange Class and has worked in Yellow, Green, Blue and now in Purple!  She received her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Chabot College. Anne holds her Site Supervisor Permit and is a Mentor Teacher for San Mateo County. Anne provides a safe, loving and healthy environment that fosters learning and development in cognitive, social, emotional and physical areas. Anne lives in San Bruno with her husband and three children She enjoys her pets and taking her kids to their sporting activities.

Director of Accounting

Anne has over 30 years of experience in the accounting field and has worked most of her career in corporate companies. This is her first experience in the education sector and she loves it. Anne is always willing to support the staff in any capacity and looks forward to participating in school events. Anne has a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Anne wakes up every morning with a grateful heart, and it shows in all of her actions. In her spare time, Anne loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. She is also active in Kali (Filipino martial arts).

Lead Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Brenda has been working with children for 10+ years as a nanny. She took some time off and then decided she wanted to get back to what she loved, teaching young minds. She is working on her Associates on Latino American studies with a focus on Early childhood. She loves to read and cook in her free time, Music festivals are also a must.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Dolores has been working with children off and on for 26 years. The moment her oldest daughter was born back in 1994 was the moment Dolores decided to take classes and get here Early Childhood Education units. She worked as a preschool teacher until she moving to kindergarten. Eventually, Dolores made a career change to join the 9-5 corporate world. In the last five years, she decided it was time to go back to where her heart truly is: working with children. In her spare time, Dolores loves to travel to her home on the East Coast or throughout California to watch her son play basketball. Overall, Dolores sees her life as a blessing and is thankful for every day.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Desiree has worked with children for 5 years through Reading Partners and other job experiences. She currently attends school at Sonoma State University and is a double major studying Early Childhood Education and Psychology.  She hopes to attend graduate school after to earn her master’s degree in Early Childhood studies. Desiree believes that acknowledging the uniqueness of each child and providing them with an inclusive environment in and out of the classroom is important. In her free time, she enjoys walks on the beach with her dog Petunia, hiking with her boyfriend, eating out with family and friends, Target runs and doing makeup on herself and others.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Elizabeth has been working in ECE and Child Development field for over 18 years. She has worked as an after school elementary teacher, nanny, tutor, head preschool and toddler teacher. She has obtained her Associates Degree in Child Development and Family Studies, as well as Administration of Justice, Liberal Arts, and Public Health Education. Elizabeth loves to learn, try new things and help children meet their developmental needs to grow into happy, healthy individuals. During her free time, she enjoys travel, dancing, and writing.

Assistant Director, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Frank has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 37 years. He has been everything from an assistant teacher to a director and joined Happy Hall as the assistant director in May of 2019. He has an A.A. degree from San Jose City College and has taken additional E.C.E. courses throughout the years. He believes the classroom is the child’s space a teacher’s job is to guide them in their explorations.  He enjoys gardening and his four dogs. He lives on Treasure Island and enjoys spending time with his three grown children.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Jacky was born and raised in San Bruno, CA. She grew up babysitting siblings, including young ones in her family as well as family friends. During high school, Jacky also volunteered at an after school program at an elementary school. After taking a Child Development class to fulfill her general education requirements, she later found her passion for being a role model during a child's development. This led to her declaring her major to Child and Adolescent Development. In May 2022, she graduated from SFSU, receiving her BA in Child and Adolescent Development with a Concentration in Youth and Out of School. In her free time, Jacky enjoys baking and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Jay has been with Happy Hall for two years and is studying Early Childhood Education at Skyline College. She is one of our Lead Teachers at our school age aftercare program located on Meadows Elementary and helps the preschool on occasion as well. She has worked with kids for three years and babysitting since she was 16 years old. She loves doing art with kids. In her free time she enjoys going to music festivals.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

January has attended Skyline and College and received her certificate in Surgical Technology. While she was waiting for her final exam in this field, she worked as a teacher’s aide at a child care staffing agency.  She often came to Happy Hall during this time. She worked with toddlers at a Kindercare in Palo Alto and while there completed her education for a certificate in Early Childhood Education.  She has chosen to work with children because their behavior is interesting and she loves the daily challenges. In her free time she enjoys bonding with her family and taking walks.

Admissions & Office Manager

Jennifer joined Happy Hall over four years ago.  Previously working for an e-commerce wedding and party decor distributor for 8 years as their assistant office manager. Her collective experience in customer service spans over 18 years and has really helped her become a huge asset to Happy Hall.  She has studied business administration at San Francisco State University.  Jennifer loves to spend time with her husband and daughters.  She enjoys the beach and finding great places to eat.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Jenny has been working with children for 5+ years. When she was young she used to take care of her younger cousins and brother. That is when she knew her passion was to take care of and teach small children. Right after she graduated high school she went to college to obtain her Early Childhood Education degree. She likes leaning new things everyday and she would love to go back to school in the near future. On her time off she loves to spend time with her two boys. They like to spend time shopping at Target. Her hobbies are cooking and exercising.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Jocelyn has been teaching for 7 years. She is studying Child Development and Nutrition at City College of San Francisco. Jocelyn knows that children learn best when they are having fun and enjoying the adventure of discovery. She is very silly and nurturing with the children. Jocelyn enjoys painting, playing with dogs and doing yoga. 

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Juan has babysat his cousins, nieces, and nephews since high school. He is currently enrolled in Childhood Education courses at Cañada College, pursuing his AA in Child Development and Psychology. Juan's love for teaching stems from the little moments of seeing children becoming independent and growing --- knowing he helped along the way. Juan's personal interests include exercising (playing soccer, hiking, swimming), finding new restaurants to try out, as well as reading and writing. 

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Kenya is studying Child Development at City College of San Francisco. She has two children. She enjoys music and movement activities with children. She spends her weekends with family. In her free time she cooks and enjoys latin music.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Mayevi is from Guatemala, speaks Spanish, and is currently studying Early Childhood Education at Skyline College. Working to transfer  and complete her Bachelor’s Degree. She plans to continue studying until she earns a Master’s Degree. Mayevi started working with children when she would babysit ages 2-10 four years ago. This is her first year at Happy Hall and is looking forward to seeing children develop, grow, learn Spanish and have fun! Mayevi loves traveling Guatemala, spend time with family, playing with her dog Bimbo, and most of all loves going to church.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Angel was born in South Africa and while she lived there volunteered with Bobbie Bear, a human rights organization working with orphans. She earned her Early Childhood Education units and Child Development Associates from Successful Solutions. She has lived in the United States for the last 11 years.  Working for 2 years at Babes Running Start Preschool mainly with infants and toddlers. During her free time Angel enjoys walking her dog Jack, dancing and hanging out with her friends.

Lead Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Monica has worked at Happy Hall for the past 12 years.  She was introduced to our school through her mother in law who  worked here for 20+ years. Even her two school age children are Happy Hall alumni! She graduated from Skyline with an A.A. in Child Development.   Ms. Monica loves working with 2-3 year olds as she is an expert potty trainer. Monica strongly believes in teaching self help skills and helping children build relationships.  She enjoys teaching numbers, the ZooPhonics letters, shapes and colors through fun active games and music. Monica enjoys baseball, music and playing board games in her free time.

Chef, Happy Hall at San Bruno


Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Paulina is a Mexican bay area native who enjoys hanging out with her friends, cooking new meals, and weightlifting. In December 2020, she graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor's in Child Development with a Minor in Public Health. While this is her first year working at Happy Hall, she has worked with kids for over 5 years as a lead daycare teacher as well as a nanny. Paulina is super excited for what's to come as part of Happy Hall. 

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Rhiana has been working with children for the last 8 years - from nannying for multiple families to being a lead caregiver at a Kids Klub. She is currently earning her AA degree in Early Childhood Development and minoring in Psychology. She has a strong passion for children and helping them grow and learn new things. In her free time she enjoys spending time with loved ones and being outdoors.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Rosa has been at Happy Hall for 21 years.  She earned her Early Childhood Education units from San Francisco City College.  Rosa enjoys teaching the children Spanish through songs and fun circle time activities.  Rosa lovingly encourages children as they grow in their social, emotional physical and cognitive development  On the weekends Rosa enjoys volunteering and getting involved with her church. 

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Silvia has worked with children for 5 years through various babysitting and childcare positions. She is studying Child and Adolescent Development while concentrating in Early Childhood at San Francisco State University. Silvia loves to build relationships with children, assisting them to explore their creativity and curiosity. As well as observing their progress when learning new skills. In her free time Silvia enjoys walking her dog named Dollar and watching mystery crime shows.

Director, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Shelley has been working in Early Childhood Education for over 20 years and has been a director for the last 15.  She joined Happy Hall 8 years ago and is really enjoying being part of a neighborhood school that has such a strong community.  She received her B.A. and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Santa Clara University. She has also taken some Early Childhood Education classes from different community colleges in the bay area.  In her free time Shelley enjoys taking day trips with her husband and two children as well as watching movies, camping and playing with her dogs.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Susan has been working with children for 37 years, including at one point running her own at home day care. She attended City College and San Francisco State for Early Childhood Education. She has been married 34 years and has 4 children, 6 grandchildren and traveled over 39 countries. Susan has many hobbies including cooking, singing, gardening, reading, writing and floral arranging. She is amazed at the natural curiosity children have.

Teacher, Happy Hall at San Bruno

Viviena loves playing and working with children!  She has worked as a preschool teacher for over 11 years and taught art for K-8 prior to that.  In her free time she enjoys playing music, gardening, planting and traveling. She also likes to walk on the beach and spend time with her husband and her kids.

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