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Jaden is a seasoned educator with six years of experience at Happy Hall, transitioning from a Lead Teacher at Lomita Park Elementary School to her current role as Director at Spring Valley Elementary School. She also leads the camp program for the Explorers Group (1st to 3rd grade). With a passion for enriching children's lives, Jaden creates engaging environments where learning thrives. Her dedication and leadership ensure that every child receives top-notch care and education, both during and after school hours.


Brandi is a compassionate Teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University Los Angeles and an Associates Degree in Administrative Justice from Pasadena City College. With previous experience as a teacher assistant, she excelled in monitoring and engaging preschoolers aged 3 to 5, ensuring their safety and happiness during activities like recess and snack time. Proficient in Google Docs and Microsoft Office, Brandi prioritizes effective parent-teacher communication and utilizes her knowledge of early childhood development to create engaging lesson plans. In her leisure time, she indulges in hobbies such as building Legos, crafting origami, and learning new skills like crochet, all while embracing the lessons learned from every mistake along the way.


With a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India, Rajitha transitioned to the educational sector where she excelled as an After school Program Instructor. In this role, she assisted students with homework, facilitated various activities including STEM, arts, and crafts, and maintained effective parent-teacher communication. Rajitha also brings experience from her role as a Test Center Administrator. Nature walks, cooking, and exploring diverse cuisines are among her favorite leisure activities.

Lead Teacher

Equipped with a B.S. in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego and Associate degrees in Computer and Information Science and Mathematics, Raymart has a diverse educational background. He has previously led technology workshops for children, focusing on coding, robotics, and game development. In addition, he's played a crucial role as a Resident Advisor at UCSD, ensuring the safety and community development of his residents. In his free time, Raymart relishes backpacking, martial arts, music festivals, reading, and playing video games.


Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Child Development at San Francisco State University, Claire has always been captivated by the intricacies of child growth. Enthusiastic about applying her knowledge, she chose Happy Hall to further her passion. Outside of her academic pursuits, Claire is an ardent music listener, enjoys time with friends, and adores her cat and two dogs.


Currently enrolled at Skyline Community College, Sonya brings a valuable administrative background from her tenure at Vibo Music. There, she excelled in liaising with students and addressing parents' concerns about schedules and class experiences. Sonya relishes beach outings, picnics, and is an avid reader of murder mystery novels.


Pursuing her Bachelor's in Child & Adolescent Development at San Francisco State University, Ava previously interned as an Assistant Teacher at Northmont Elementary School, aiding in lesson plans and parent-teacher communication. She possesses adept skills in classroom management and lesson planning. In her downtime, Ava cherishes outdoor activities and reading.


Armed with knowledge in Child Development from the College of San Mateo, Jackie Pacheco brings her passion for guiding children to Spring Valley as a School-Age Teacher. Her previous volunteer experience with Outdoor Ed showcases her ability to engage and inspire sixth graders through various activities, encouraging them to embrace new experiences. Jackie excels in classroom management and parent-teacher communication, ensuring a collaborative and nurturing setting for learning. Outside of work, she values quality time with her family and dog, enjoys social outings with friends, and finds satisfaction in cleaning and organizing.

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