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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Founding and Early Years

Happy Hall Schools embarked on its educational journey in 1951, founded by Ruth and Leroy Hall. From the warmth of their San Francisco home, they initiated a nursery program dedicated to supporting working mothers—a pioneering step at the time. This humble beginning paved the way for the establishment of the first official educational facility for Happy Hall at 233 Santa Inez Ave, San Bruno, California, in 1962. This marked the solid foundation upon which the institution would grow, driven by a vision to create a supportive and educational environment for children.

Mary Lou Johnson's Leadership

The 1970s heralded a new chapter under the stewardship of Mary Lou Johnson, a passionate advocate for early childhood education. Starting her journey at Happy Hall as a teaching assistant, Mary Lou's dedication and vision saw her rise through the ranks to become the Executive Director and, ultimately, the Owner of the institution. A strong commitment to educational excellence and the nurturing of a supportive community for both students and staff characterized her leadership era.

Innovative Shift with Rachel Heck

A significant turning point arrived in 2011, with Rachel Heck joining the Happy Hall family. Rachel introduced a fresh wave of innovation and a keen focus on integrating modern technology into the school's operations and curriculum. This period was marked by substantial enhancements in the educational framework, leading to a more dynamic and enriched learning environment. Rachel's efforts ensured that Happy Hall Schools stayed at the forefront of educational development, embracing changes that catered to the evolving needs of students.

Strategic Partnership and Evolving Leadership

The strategic landscape of Happy Hall Schools took a notable turn in 2016, with Anne Baronia joining the team as the Director of Business Administration. The year 2018 further enriched the school's leadership with the addition of Ty Durekas, the founder of Children’s Creative Learning Centers, Inc. (CCLC), who was attracted by Happy Hall's community-centric ethos. This period also saw Rachel Heck assuming the role of Executive Director, where she continued to champion educational innovation and community engagement. The collaborative efforts of Anne Baronia and Ty Durekas, alongside Rachel, have been instrumental in propelling Happy Hall Schools towards new heights of success.


Current Dynamics

Currently, Happy Hall Schools thrives under the leadership of Rachel Heck, Ty Durekas, and Anne Baronia. This formidable partnership combines a wealth of diverse experiences and innovative visions, further solidifying the school’s dedication to providing an education that is not only innovative but also deeply rooted in community values. Together, they continue to build on the legacy of Happy Hall Schools, ensuring that the institution remains a beacon of excellence in education, nurturing future generations with a blend of tradition and innovation.

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