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How is Happy Hall School different from other preschools?

Happy Hall School prides itself on a legacy of educational excellence, dating back to 1951, and a distinctive, enriched approach to early childhood education. Here’s what sets us apart: EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING PHILOSOPHY We champion Experiential Learning, engaging children in hands-on, immersive, and real-world exploration, ensuring a deeper and more personalized learning experience that goes beyond conventional methodologies. INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE COMMUNITY We celebrate diversity, fostering an inclusive, respectful, and rich learning environment where every child and family feel valued and welcome. HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT Our programs are meticulously designed to cultivate emotional, social, physical, and intellectual independence, focusing on the whole-child development approach and character building. INNOVATIVE AND TAILORED CURRICULUM We offer an innovative curriculum that emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, and emergent learning, tailored to cater to the individual strengths, passions, and needs of each child. INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY We utilize technology to enrich classroom activities and foster family engagement, ensuring a seamless connection between learning experiences at school and at home. SAFETY AND WELL-BEING The safety and well-being of our children are paramount. We employ advanced security measures and emergency protocols to create a secure and nurturing environment. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT We believe in active participation from our families in the learning journey, creating a close-knit community where parents are integral partners in their child’s education. OUTDOOR EXPLORATION Located in a residential area, our school offers varied and specifically designed playgrounds, allowing children to connect with nature and learn through outdoor activities. NUTRITIOUS MEALS We provide wholesome, freshly prepared meals and snacks, focusing on nutritional balance to support the active learning and play of our children. QUALIFIED AND CARING STAFF Our experienced and spirited teaching team is committed to maintaining a creative and safe environment where children develop new skills and positive attitudes towards learning. Our commitment to these principles and our continuous endeavor to evolve and adapt to the needs of our children and families make Happy Hall School a distinctive choice for early childhood education. We invite prospective families to visit us and experience firsthand the warm, innovative, and enriching environment that Happy Hall School offers.


What is the admissions process like at Happy Hall School?

At Happy Hall School, we aim for our admissions process to be a welcoming and informative first step for families considering joining our community. It’s important for us to ensure a good fit between what our school offers and what each child and family needs. FAMILY TOUR All interested families are required to tour our school as the first step in the admissions process. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to witness our vibrant learning spaces, our enriching programs, and our nurturing environment firsthand. PROFILE FORM Families are then invited to complete a Family Profile Form, providing us with the opportunity to understand your child’s needs, interests, and family values better. This helps us in creating a learning experience that is tailored to every child’s unique disposition. ACCEPTANCE COMMUNICATION Upon review, our Director will communicate directly with you regarding the acceptance of your child into our program and will inform you about the earliest possible start date. We’ve designed our admissions process to be straightforward yet comprehensive, focusing on mutual alignment with our school’s philosophy and values. Being admitted to Happy Hall School is about joining a community where education and relationships are treasured, and we hope every family feels a sense of pride and belonging from the very start. We eagerly look forward to meeting you and your child and hopefully embarking together on an exciting journey of discovery, growth, and joyful learning!

Is there a waiting list, and if so, how does it work?

Yes, we maintain a waiting list to accommodate families interested in joining Happy Hall School when our programs are at full capacity. If there are no immediate openings at the time of your application, you have the option to be placed on our waiting list. To secure a spot on the waiting list, there is a $50 non-refundable fee. We value the interest and patience of each family on our waiting list and feel delighted every time we can welcome a new member into our vibrant learning community.

What are the age requirements for enrollment?

To enroll in Happy Hall School, children must be at least 18 months old. We structure our programs to cater to the unique developmental needs and learning stages of children from this age, ensuring a nurturing and enriching environment tailored to their growth and discovery journey.

What are your school’s hours, and do you offer extended care?

Our academic hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. For families needing a bit more flexibility, we do offer extended care from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM and from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM, available for an additional fee. Please note that our office is open and ready to assist you from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

What is your Tax Identification Number?

Our Provider Tax ID: 94-1552733

You can access Account Statements and Year-End Tax Statements in the 1CORE Portal.


How does the program ensure a secure campus?

Happy Hall uses a security keypad system; this system ensures that access to the center is available only to parents/guardians and authorized personnel. To maintain the integrity of our security measures, we kindly request all parents/guardians to be vigilant about not allowing others to enter the premises alongside them (“piggyback”) during entry or exit. It is crucial that all entry and exit doors are securely closed upon entering and leaving the campus. By adhering to these protocols, we collectively create a safe and secure learning environment for our children, where focus can remain on joyful learning and development.

How does Happy Hall handle emergencies?

At Happy Hall, we are committed to the utmost safety and well-being of our children, staff, and families, and we have robust protocols in place to respond effectively to emergencies. Annually, our directors undergo extensive training through the San Mateo County Office of Education's Big Five Training. This training equips our team with the necessary knowledge and skills to swiftly and efficiently address a range of emergency situations, ensuring the safety of everyone on campus. The Big Five encompasses immediate action responses for various emergencies, including: Shelter In Place: For situations requiring protection from external threats by staying indoors. Drop, Cover, and Hold On: To protect from objects falling during emergencies like earthquakes. Secure Campus: To safeguard against potential threats near the campus. Lockdown/Barricade: To shield from immediate and imminent threats on campus. Evacuation: Safe and orderly relocation in case remaining on campus is unsafe. These protocols are designed for quick implementation to address the distinct needs of diverse emergency situations. When emergencies occur, our well-trained staff members act immediately to protect themselves, their students, and everyone on the premises, ensuring a secure and responsive environment for our learning community.

How Does Happy Hall Address Allergies?

At Happy Hall, we prioritize the health and well-being of every child, taking meticulous measures to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. Families are required to inform the center of any food or environmental allergies their children have, and if there’s an individualized healthcare plan in place, it should be submitted, detailing symptoms, reactions, treatments, care, and necessary medications. To ensure constant awareness, a list of children’s allergies, along with photos, is conspicuously posted in all classrooms and the kitchen. Our staff is trained rigorously on consulting and adhering to this list to prevent any allergic reactions.

Is Happy Hall Nut-Free?

Given the severe reactions nuts can provoke, we operate as a nut-aware environment, requesting families and staff to vigilantly avoid bringing in any products containing nuts or nut traces, including food items and personal care products like lotions. However, it is essential for families to understand that, despite our earnest efforts, eliminating all risks for children with food allergies is challenging, and parents/guardians must assess whether group care aligns with their child’s health needs.

Does Happy Hall Accommodate Special Diets?

We pride ourselves on providing nutritious food that surpasses state licensing requirements, including morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks. While we do have alternative food to address certain allergies, we can’t accommodate every specific need. Families have the flexibility to bring nut-free food from home, but we can't offer food storage, heat-ups, or refrigeration. This approach allows us to create a nurturing environment that is as safe and inclusive as possible, catering to the diverse needs of our cherished little ones.

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