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What types of school-age programs and enrollment options do you offer?

We offer a diverse array of Expanded Learning programs designed to meet the varied needs of our communities through different funding structures, including:


Private Program (Pacifica)

  • Funding: Fully supported by tuition.

  • Financial Assistance: Subsidies are available to help reduce costs for eligible families.

Dual-Funded Program (Lomita Park)

  • Funding: No cost to families, supported by ASES and ELO-P funds.

  • Eligibility: Available to all students attending a Title 1 school.

ELO-P Funded Program (Millbrae)

  • Funding: Supported by ELO-P funds or tuition.

  • Eligibility for Free Participation: Available to students who are part of the Unduplicated Pupil Population (UPP), including those who:

    • Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.

    • Are enrolled in CalFRESH or CalWORKS.

    • Are foster or homeless youth.

    • Are identified as English Learners (ELPAC).

  • Tuition: Required for non-UPP students.

  • Financial Assistance: Subsidies are available to help reduce costs for eligible families.

  • Contact for Eligibility Questions: Ralph Crame -

Subsidy Eligibility

Families may apply for financial assistance through the 4Cs ACCESS Program or San Mateo County. Eligible families will receive support covering a portion of childcare costs, with the remaining balance to be covered by the family. 


How do I register my child?

To register your child for one of our Expanded Learning programs, please start by using the registration link provided on the page for the specific school you are interested in. Each of our school-based programs uses one of two distinct registration methods:

  • Request Registration: Complete a registration request form. After submission, our enrollment coordinator will review the request to confirm if there is space available in the program and will subsequently offer you a space for your child. 

  • Self-Registration in the 1CORE Family Portal: Directly enroll your child via the 1CORE Family Portal. This option allows you to register your child as long as there is space available in the program.

How is tuition structured?

Happy Hall Schools charges for all 180 days of the academic year. Happy Hall simplifies financial planning for families by dividing the total cost into nine equal monthly installments. This means whether October has 23 school days or December has 15, your payment remains consistent. This uniform payment method aids both families and directors in managing budgets more predictably and efficiently.


Do I need to set up Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) if I already have TAP set up for one of your other locations?

Payment setup for all programs is separate. You will need to set up TAP for your account if you are required to pay fees.


Do I need to enter Family and Child Info if I’ve already completed it for one of your other locations?

Child and Family Info for all programs are separate. You will need to complete all Child and Family Info for each location.


How can I increase my child's hours/days?

You can submit a request for a new schedule via the Parent Portal. If we can accommodate your newly requested schedule, you will be charged the prorated rate of the new schedule for the remaining days of the month.


How can I decrease my child's hours/days?

You can submit a request for a new schedule via the Parent Portal. The new rate will take effect 30 days from the time the new schedule request is received.


How do I withdraw my child?

A Withdrawal Form must be submitted. You will be charged your current tuition for 30 days from the date we receive a completed Withdrawal Form, even if your child does not attend.


Whom do I contact with billing questions?

Contact the center director.

What is your Tax Identification Number?

Our Provider Tax ID: 94-1552733

You can access Account Statements and Year-End Tax Statements in the Parent Portal.


If my child is going to be absent on one of their scheduled days, can they attend on a day they are not scheduled?

There are no trading days or hours. If your child attends the program outside of their schedule, you will be charged the Add-On rate for every fraction of an hour.


What if my child is going to be absent?

Absences cannot be made up. There are no credits or refunds for missed days. If your child is going to be absent, please notify your child's program by email, text, or phone.


What if I’m going to be late picking up my child?

If you are going to be late picking up your child, please notify your child's program. There is a five-minute grace period. After that, there is the Add-On Fee for hours attended outside of their scheduled time or $5 per minute late-fee beginning at 6:05 PM.


Will I be charged any additional fees on early dismissal and minimum days?

If you are signed up for one of our regular schedules, you will not be charged any additional fees. Please check your child's elementary school for early dismissal and minimum days.


Can I drop my child off at the curb or outside of the classroom?

No, you must walk your child to the classroom and provide your unique pin. Children may not sign themselves in or out.


Why do I have a different code than the other authorized pick-up persons?

Happy Hall requires a unique ID code for every person picking up a child. Please do not give your pin for someone else to use. We require that you enter all authorized pick-up persons in the 1CORE Family Portal.


Can I call to have my child come outside when I pick up?

No, you must pick up your children directly at the classroom and provide your unique pin. Children may not sign themselves in or out.


Do I need to pack a snack for my child?

Afternoon snacks are provided to all children present during snack time. Your child has the option to eat a packed snack if preferred.


What if my child has food allergies?

If your child has any food allergies, please make sure to note this in the 1CORE Family Portal, as well as speak with the center director. If you make changes to your child’s allergy information after their start date, please notify the director.

Is Happy Hall nut-free?

Happy Hall operates as a nut-aware program. This means we have policies in place to prohibit food containing any nut products from being brought into our programs in order to minimize the risk of exposure to allergens. However, families need to know that while we take significant precautions, we cannot guarantee that our environment is completely nut-free at all times. We rely on the cooperation of all our families to follow these guidelines and help us maintain a safer environment for children with nut allergies.


How does Happy Hall handle emergencies?

At Happy Hall, we are committed to the utmost safety and well-being of our children, staff, and families, and we have robust protocols in place to respond effectively to emergencies. Annually, our directors undergo extensive training through the San Mateo County Office of Education's Big Five Training. This training equips our team with the necessary knowledge and skills to swiftly and efficiently address a range of emergency situations, ensuring the safety of everyone on campus.

The Big Five encompasses immediate action responses for various emergencies, including:

  • Shelter In Place: For situations requiring protection from external threats by staying indoors.

  • Drop, Cover, and Hold On: To protect from objects falling during emergencies like earthquakes.

  • Secure Campus: To safeguard against potential threats near the campus.

  • Lockdown/Barricade: To shield from immediate and imminent threats on campus.

  • Evacuation: Safe and orderly relocation in case remaining on campus is unsafe.


These protocols are designed for quick implementation to address the distinct needs of diverse emergency situations. When emergencies occur, our well-trained staff members act immediately to protect themselves, their students, and everyone on the premises, ensuring a secure and responsive environment for our learning community.

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