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Happy Hall @ Green Hills Newsletter | January

Director's Message

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a relaxing break and is now ready to embrace the opportunities of this fresh start. On behalf of the entire Happy Hall Green Hills team, I extend a heartfelt gratitude to all the families for the delightful goodies generously shared during the holiday season. Your thoughtful gestures have brought joy to our hearts, and we genuinely value and appreciate all of it. Here's to a year filled with continued growth, learning, and shared moments of happiness. Thank you for being part of our Happy Hall community!

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities

This month marks the beginning of our after-school program's captivating journey into the realm of "Sounds and Music." We are thrilled to engage in STEAM and movement activities that have been planned for our students. Throughout the month, students will get to explore song genres, investigate melodies, and, get the chance to craft their very own musical instruments.

As we embark on this musical adventure, our team is committed to fostering a creative and educational environment where students are able to unleash their imaginations in the process. We can't wait to witness the harmonious blend of learning and fun that will undoubtedly unfold during our "Sounds and Music" theme this month.

Professional Development

This month our team will spend a few hours of staff development to focus on curriculum, Summer Camp information, and to gather as a team and discuss ways to support each other and the children in our programs.

Community Events

Check out the festive fun in our Happy Hall Holiday Video! Click the link below to enjoy the joyful moments from all Millbrae sites. The kids had a really fun time filming and being part of the video.


  • We are closed on Monday, January 15, 2024.

  • Please label all water bottles, clothes, etc. with your child's name so we can easily reunite lost items to their owners.

  • Be sure to notify staff of absences prior to the end of the school day via, 1Core absence, or All absences must be reported as soon as possible for record-keeping purposes.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead to February, our spotlight turns to "Wonders of the World" with an exciting new curriculum. We will also be celebrating the Lunar New Year, along with Valentine's Day next month!

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Thank You!

Tiffany Tamin

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Green Hills


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