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Happy Hall @ Spring Valley March Newsletter

Director's Message

Spring is on its way! I can't wait for the sunshine and warmer temperatures ahead. It's been wonderful to see how well the children adapt when our afternoon plans change due to rainy days. Here's to more bright days and more outdoor fun ahead!

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities

In February, we embarked on an exciting journey into the realm of mixtures and solutions! The children enjoyed their  trail mix and various juices while experimenting with blending different items. As the month progressed, they eagerly engaged in mixing materials to observe reactions. Oobleck, a fascinating concoction of cornstarch and water, captivated all with its ability to behave as both a solid and a liquid, and creating quite a mess! The older kids did great working together to sweep and help wipe up the mess! The first and second graders  even ventured into making ice a bag! Now, as March unfolds, our focus shifts to the wonders of the ocean and marine life, encompassing topics like ocean conservation, the diverse zones of the ocean, and the myriad creatures that inhabit them. As we make our way through March we eagerly anticipate delving into the realm of inventors and their inventions. Through a blend of science and art activities, the children will explore their own innovative potential and creativity as budding inventors.

Professional Development

Several members of the Happy Hall administrative team recently participated in a conference in Fresno. The event provided valuable insights into expanded learning opportunity programs, offering workshops that spanned from STEAM activities to fostering a growth mindset and effective communication with children. Topics also included enhancing literacy and math instruction in the classroom and strategies for teacher retention. It was a great opportunity to network with colleagues.

Looking ahead, Happy Hall is organizing professional development sessions for staff in early April, with a focus on child guidance and group management techniques.

Community Events

Spring Valley PTO is hosting a fun event to celebrate Pi Day on March 14th! Here are the details:

  • Date: March 14th

  • Time: Fun starts at 6:30 PM

  • Location: MUR (Multi-Use Room)

  • Activities: Enjoy pizza and sweet pies, participate in a question and answer session with the new Superintendent Lisa Hickey, and Cam Ed will be there with activities for the kids.

  • Additional Information: Look for more information on the flyer posted on the door.

It sounds like it'll be a great event for families to enjoy and celebrate Pi Day together!


Spring Valley will be closed on March 8th for a development day, but Happy Hall will be open for a full camp day. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Looking Ahead

Looking for a fun and safe environment for your kids during Spring Break from April 1-5? Happy Hall is excited to announce Spring Camp at Spring Valley, packed with engaging activities and supervised adventures for children of all ages. Whether it's science and  crafts, group games, or outdoor exploration, we've got it covered. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to make lasting memories. Check out the flyer on the door for registration details and secure your spot today!

Registration for Happy Hall summer camp is now open! You can find more information about the rates, weekly themes, special guests, and pool days at Meadows Swim Club by visiting . Summer camp spans 10 fun-filled weeks packed with STEAM activities, gross motor fun, large camp-wide games, and exciting special guests. Don't miss out on this opportunity for your child to have an amazing summer experience! Register soon as sessions are filling up!

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Thank You!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Jennifer and Anita for taking the time to visit Happy Hall and share their knowledge about Lunar New Year with the children. Your dedication to educating and enriching their understanding of diverse cultures is truly appreciated. Thank you both for your invaluable contribution!

Annie Quintana

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Spring Valley


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