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Happy Hall @ Spring Valley Newsletter | February 2024

Director's Message

Happy February, families! As we enter  this new month, it's an exciting time for us to continue fostering valuable life skills like caring and respect, especially as we approach Valentine's Day. Let's take this opportunity to celebrate love and kindness in all its forms. Additionally, this month presents us with the chance to extend warm wishes for a happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate. Wishing you all a month filled with joy, learning, and meaningful connections!

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities

This month, we've embarked on an exciting global journey, exploring both natural wonders and human-made marvels! Our 1st to 5th graders have really enjoyed creating their own Hanging Gardens of Babylon after watching a short video to learn more about it. Additionally, the TK and Kinder group watched a video about the pyramids of Giza and then got to construct their very own using sugar cubes. Later this month, we'll dive into hands-on experiments to learn about basic chemical reactions and mixtures, sparking curiosity and discovery among our young learners. Can't wait to see what else we'll discover together!

Professional Development

Later this month, our Directors will be attending a School Age Symposium, focusing on gaining insights into new and engaging operations tailored for school-age children. The symposium will also provide valuable opportunities for team-building among our program leaders. We are eager to leverage this experience to enhance our understanding of innovative approaches in catering to the needs of school-age children, and to foster strong teamwork and leadership skills within each of our programs.

Community Events

We're excited to celebrate Valentine's Day this month at Happy Hall! To make the day even more special, we'll be enjoying a delicious and nutritious snack featuring a variety of red fruits, including juicy red grapes, sweet strawberries, and tart raspberries, served with creamy yogurt. As an added touch, we'll be including heart-shaped Cheerios to spread some extra love! This snack not only tastes delightful but also provides a healthy and festive treat for our students to enjoy together. We can't wait to see the smiles on their faces as they indulge in this Valentine's Day delight. 

 We are excited to celebrate Lunar New Year at Happy Hall! To enrich our students' understanding of this vibrant cultural celebration, we are inviting families to volunteer and share their knowledge about the history, customs, and traditions of Lunar New Year. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn firsthand from their peers' families and to deepen their appreciation for diverse cultures. If you would like to volunteer to teach the children about Lunar New Year, please consider signing up! Your participation will not only educate our students but also foster a sense of community and inclusivity within our school. We believe that by coming together to celebrate and learn about different cultural traditions, we can create a more welcoming and understanding environment for all. Thank you for your support and willingness to share your cultural heritage with our students!

Student Achievements

The start of the month has been fantastic as we've watched the children immerse themselves in the new topics, engaging more with hands-on activities, cooperating in group projects, and showcasing their creativity!

Our Star Student board continues to shine with more stars being added each week! Each group chooses 2 students who demonstrate many ongoing life skills such as being responsible, creative, enthusiastic, flexible and many more! 


Happy Hall will be closed on February 19, 2024, in observance of President’s Day. 

Additionally, please note that Friday, March 8th, 2024 will be a Camp Day. Please see the attached flier for details!

At Happy Hall, we have a policy regarding electronics. We kindly ask that your child refrain from bringing items such as Kindles, laptops, and other electronics to the program. If your child carries a cell phone, we request that they keep it securely stored in their backpack during happy hall  hours.. It's important to note that Happy Hall cannot be held responsible for any broken or misplaced items. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and focused atmosphere for all students.

Looking Ahead

In March, we're embarking on an exciting journey to delve into the wonders of the ocean, fostering curiosity about marine life and ecosystems. Alongside our exploration, we'll also be cultivating innovative thinking skills, and we'll be delving into international issues, broadening our understanding of global perspectives. Get ready for a month filled with discovery, critical thinking, and meaningful discussions!

Stay Connected

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Thank You!

Thank you for participating in the survey last month! It helps us make positive changes that benefit your children and the program. Wishing you all a wonderful month and a happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate. 恭喜发财

Annie Quintana

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Spring Valley


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