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Circle Time, What's the Big Deal?

Circle time is a great way for children to get a sense of community with other kids their age and enhance their

social skills and improve their attention span.

  • Establish Community & Listening Skills ​– Children greet each other and learn awareness of others. This kind of interaction helps to enhance social skills. They learn that each child is valued as a member of the group. Paying attention to their peers and the teacher while in the circle helps children develop listening skills, as well as respect for both the teacher and their peers.

  • Teacher Modeling and Bonding - Because children do what teachers do in the circle, their enjoyment is increased. Circle Time offers teachers an excellent opportunity to set a proper example and help their students enjoy the experience with their own enthusiastic participation. As students and teachers play and have fund together, teacher-student bonding is intensified. This bonding offers an opportunity for the student and teacher to create a relationship that allows the student to learn to their fullest possible extent.

  • Plan it Out​ – Teachers go over the day’s plans and topics. With all the children in the class together everyone will know what the class will be doing. Children are always curious and circle time is a good opportunity for them to ask questions.

  • Keep it Fun​ – Getting children to sit still for any amount of time can be tricky. Keeping circle time fun and interactive can help keep children engaged and help to improve their attention span. Circle time becomes a fun activity rather than a chore.

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills - Participating in a song helps promote rhythm, coordination, counting, and dexterity, as well as singing. Dancing helps with gross motor skills (e.g. turning and jumping). An added plus is that it is a fun form of exercise!

  • Make it a Routine​ – When something becomes routine or familiar to children, they respond to it better. By starting every day with Circle Time, the kids at Happy Hall know what to expect, improving their skills a little bit more each time.

  • School Readiness - Children learn to take turns during Circle Time, as well as develop patience and an understanding of time - tools they will need as they grow, especially in school. Circle Time also expands awareness of physical, sensory, and language experiences through exposure to new songs, dances, various materials, and other stimuli.

- Laura, Master Teacher

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