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Happy Hall @ Meadows Newsletter | February

Director's Message

In February, we embrace a month of caring and sharing in various ways. We eagerly anticipate utilizing our life skills to enhance Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through engaging activities and meaningful conversations. This month offers us valuable opportunities to foster personal development and strengthen our connections with one another!

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities

This month, our curriculum is set to inspire curiosity with captivating themes centered around 'Wonders of the World' and 'Reactions & Mixtures.' Our focus will review the exploration of both natural and manmade wonders, encouraging students to embark on a journey of discovery. Through engaging and hands-on experiments, we aim to unravel the mysteries of basic chemical reactions and mixtures, fostering an understanding of the scientific principles at play.

In addition to our scientific explorations, we are excited to embrace cultural diversity and celebrate special occasions. Activities surrounding the Lunar New Year of the Dragon will offer students insights into the rich traditions and customs associated with this festive occasion. As we honor Black History Month, our curriculum will feature discussions, shedding light on the significant contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

Our focus on 'Heart Healthy' activities will encourage students to introduce physical activity, nutritious eating habits, and an understanding of the importance of heart health.

This comprehensive approach to learning aims to inspire a love for exploration, a celebration of diversity, and a commitment to overall well-being among our students.

Professional Development

This month, our Directors will be attending a School Age Symposium, focusing on gaining insights into new and engaging operations tailored for school-age children. The symposium will also provide valuable opportunities for team-building among our program leaders. We are eager to leverage this experience to enhance our understanding of innovative approaches in catering to the needs of school-age children, and to foster strong teamwork and leadership skills within each of our programs.

Community Events

We will be hosting a combined Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day Potluck on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, from 2:30-5:00 pm. Please keep an eye out for a sign-up sheet that will be circulated next week, allowing everyone to contribute by bringing a dish to share. We look forward to a festive and delicious celebration together!

Student Achievements

In January, our exploration of Music & Sound themes sparked a multitude of enjoyable experiences. I found great joy in witnessing the children's creativity unfold, from the making of music videos to the crafting of musical art pieces. The enthusiasm and imagination displayed during these activities were truly inspiring and added a vibrant dimension to our learning environment.


Happy Hall will be closed on February 19, 2024, in observance of President’s Day. 

Additionally, please note that Friday, March 8th, 2024 will be a Camp Day. Please see the attached flier for details!

Looking Ahead

Get ready for an exciting March as we dive into captivating themes! This upcoming month, we'll be exploring Oceans, Marine Life, Inventors & Inventions. Get ready for a voyage of discovery and innovation!

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Thank You!

Thank you for being wonderful partners in the growth and development of your children. We appreciate your collaboration and support on this journey.

Marina Hamack & HH Staff

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Meadows


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