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Happy Hall Schools @ Lomita Park March Newsletter

Director's Message

Happy March, Happy Hall families! I hope that everyone has had a safe and warm winter, as we all look  in anticipation for the arrival of spring and warmer weather.

The main focus this month for our program are two enriching and intriguing topics,  Oceans & Marine Life and Inventions & Inventors. We will also be enjoying springtime weather and fun activities.  

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities: 

This month, our after school program is embracing the dynamic world of “Oceans and Marine Life, as well as Inventions & Inventors,” which marks the exciting Theme 9 and 10 of our curriculum. Among the range of educational STEAM activities planned, some  standout projects the students will get to engage in are as follows: 

TK - K: Students will get to have fun learning some fun coding and use it to have their own little expedition and record their findings on their coding mats. Students will get to use their problem solving skills and creativity to explore and share their amazing discoveries with their friends!

1-2: Students will get to work on creating their own rendition of the Brooklyn Bridge using limited supplies and be able to test out the functionality of their creation! Students will get to use their problem solving skills, creativity skills, and communication skills to work collaboratively with their friends in order to create their very own functional bridge.

3-5:  Students will get to make their very own 3D Angler fish. This hands-on experience is an excellent way for them to delve into the depths of the ocean and understand more about the intricate lives of various marine life that are in our very own waters across the world. 

Professional Development

Last month, our administrative team had the opportunity to attend the California Afterschool Network  conference.  We collaborated with educators from all over California focusing on ways to enrich and engage learning after school.   Using this information, we are able to pass on the knowledge to our fellow teachers and staff, in order to further enhance their skills and knowledge on how to improve our afterschool programs and overall experience for you and your children.  

 During Spring break all teachers will attend a training led by the Happy Hall Admin team. We will share all the fun and learning next month.

Community Events

Happy Halls  just had a very fun and successful March 8th camp day, thank you all who were able to attend and have fun with us! We hope you enjoyed making spring inspired slime, arts and craft projects and outdoor game activities! 

We are excited to announce we will be having our spring camp, running from April 1st - 4th. Registration is now open, make sure to sign up as spots tend to fill up quickly!

Student Achievements

Happy Halls is happy to announce our student achievements within the last month.

1.) Daxtyn T. - Most Enthusiastic

2.) James L. - Most Creative 

3.) Junior R. - Best Leader

4.) Hailey Z. - Most Creative

5.) Lucas P. - Best Leader

6.) Michael J. - Most Enthusiastic

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the students who have already achieved these notable achievements, as well as to the future ones to come this month! Congratulations on your big achievements!


As a reminder, if your child has an appointment, extracurricular activities, or any other excused absences or early pick-ups, please submit the necessary documentation using the form or if needed we can accept email.

To review all our policies you can read them here:

Looking Ahead

We are thrilled to announce that Camp Happy Hall is open for enrollment for the 2024 year. Please see the attached flier for more information, be sure to fill out the registration ASAP as spots will fill up quickly!

In addition, we are excited to announce next month our after school program will be covering the themes of Movie Magic and Time Travelers! Stay tuned for further details on our next newsletter for April!

Stay Connected

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Thank You!

A heartfelt thank you and gratitude to all of our parents for your continued unwavering support, active participation and communication. Your collaboration is key in making our program successful for your children! 

Shelley Marquez

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Lomita Park


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