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Happy Hall @ Spring Valley Newsletter | April

Director's Message

Hello Happy Hall families! As many of you have already heard, Miss Annie, our previous director, has moved on to a new role at Ocean Shore as their Director. While we're sad to see her go, we're excited for her new adventure and wish her all the best. Miss Annie will be greatly missed here at Spring Valley. 

 I am honored to step into the leadership role as the new director, Miss Jaden. With six years of experience at Happy Hall and previous roles at Lomita Park Elementary School, I am eager to bring my passion for enriching children's lives to our program.

As we transition, I want to assure you that the quality of care and programming your children receive remains my top priority. I am excited to meet all the new families and children, and I look forward to working together to create a nurturing and engaging environment.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Let's embark on this journey together and continue to make Spring Valley a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow.

Program Highlights

Engagement Activities

This month, we're exploring "Movie Magic"! Get ready for exciting activities like stop-motion animation and flip book creation. Children will unleash their creativity as they bring stories to life and explore the art of animation. Join us for a month of cinematic adventures and creative fun!

Professional Development

During the recent spring break, our staff engaged in a focused professional development meeting to enhance our abilities in supporting the children under our care. We covered various areas including pedagogical techniques, social-emotional learning (SEL), curriculum alignment, inclusion practices, and effective communication.


As we transition into a new leadership role, please kindly email me or the Spring Valley email for any questions or concerns regarding your children. Any emails sent to Annie will be forwarded to me:: 

Jaden Angeles (Program Director) -

Spring Valley @ Happy Hall -

Please remember to email and let us know in advance if your child will not be attending Happy Hall for any reason. In addition, our lost and found is getting full. Please check if your child has forgotten any clothing at Happy Hall, thank you.

Looking Ahead

Hurry! Early Bird registration for Summer Camp ends on May 1, 2024. Spaces are filling up quickly, so secure your spot by signing up soon!

Next month we will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week starting May 6 to May 10. Let us all celebrate and show appreciation to all of our teachers who help our children throughout the day!

Stay Connected

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Thank You!

Big thank you to Miss Annie and the staff at Spring Valley Happy Hall for giving me a warm welcome as we transition into new leadership roles. I would also like to thank the families and children during our Spring Break Camp who showed me how friendly and lively Spring Valley can be.

I am truly looking forward to getting to know everyone here and creating an amazing community with everyone.

Jaden Angeles

Program Director

Happy Hall @ Spring Valley


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